Before I met Geneviève, I struggled with uncertainty in my career. I knew the path that I wanted to take, but I never took the leap. Instead, I settled for the second best option & hoped for the best. When I started the mentoring sessions with Geneviève, I was at a point in my life when I knew that I needed a change, however, I was uncertain and fearful for the future.

Geneviève taught me to recognize my intuition and to listen to it. The result was a leap in my confidence, a clearer mind and immense growth in my career shift. Her techniques taught me how to handle fear & turn dreams into actions. She was attentive and understanding of my goals. Most of all, she was perceptive and provided services that were specific to each stage in my journey.

Thanks to her, I will be moving forward with my dreams, this time with an useful set of techniques for self-care and a true understanding of the power of intuition.