Parenting Mentoring

“When I first contacted Geneviève I was struggling with my highly sensitive 4 year old daughter. I had tried fixing her diet, working on relaxation, and positive parenting approaches. But, we both were still angry and frustrated. I felt incredible guilt for getting so angry with her and that I couldn’t help her. Until I finally contacted Geneviève.  Geneviève guided me to the root of our issues and lead me through powerful healing techniques for me and my family. She helped me realise my own gifts and talents and how I can use them to help my daughter.

Since meeting Geneviève I have seen so many positive changes in my life and in my daughter. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I don’t feel stressed and angry. I see my daughter in a whole new light and I have tools to help her through her struggles of sensitivity. She is also doing much better interacting with other kids. She is showing more kindness to her sister and her anxiety is practically gone. We have a lot more laughs and hugs rather than tears and power struggles.

Geneviève is genuine and honest. I felt safe talking to her and knew she had my best interests at heart. She cares deeply about helping and healing. I would recommend her to anyone that has had similar struggles with their children.

Children are our greatest gift in life. We have so much to teach them, but they have so much more to teach us, sometimes we need a little help to listen.