Intuitive Reading & Mentoring

“I have experienced several psychic and medium readings over the past few years, but nothing that compared to my intuitive reading and mentoring sessions with Geneviève. Past readings were exactly that, just readings. During sessions with Geneviève , she empowers you to grow spiritually and trust and develop your own intuition. It is life changing!

When I first met Geneviève, I was searching for direction with some health and academic issues that my daughter was having, as well as career decisions for myself.

After each session with Geneviève, things aligned in my life in such an unbelievable way! She brings so much clarity.  I have found just the right person to treat my daughters symptoms by getting to the root of them rather than just putting a bandaid on them.  Geneviève helped me to understand my daughters learning style so that I can empower her.
My daughter is one of the many very sensitive children of this generation and I provide Compassionate Touch to residents in nursing homes and assisted living  facilities. Geneviève is teaching both of us ways to clear any energies that we may pick up each day that would not benefit us. As far as my daughters academics go, I Just received a note from school about the positive changes they are seeing in her.

Geneviève has encouraged me to nurture my sacral chakra through creativity. Within a week, I was invited to attend several classes to do just that~floral design, painting,  and working with clay. With such focus on work and career each day, it has been amazing to do some things for myself. SO important!!

I am finding that whenever I just mention something to Geneviève about myself or family, clarity is delivered through a phone call, and the events the follow our phone calls. It is truly amazing!!

Geneviève is compassionate, sincere, an amazing listener, easy to talk to and so real. We adore her! After being with her I always experience a lasting sense of peace.

I was thinking recently that Geneviève was put in our life as our own personal earthly angel.  We are so blessed that she came into our lives.”

Kelly & Julia (Mother & Daughter)