Before I met Geneviève I struggled with certain addictive behaviors. I would flip flop from one decision to the other, leaving myself in sheer anxiety and confusion all day long. Meeting her was like meeting with a wise and ancient Elder. She was deeply rooted, authentic and resourceful.

During the workshop I saw all my fears clearly and what was triggering my confusion among other things. Geneviève held space for me and allowed me to find calm in my struggle. She was able to accurately pinpoint where I had imbalances and how to strengthen with grace and self love.

Since the workshop I feel more comfortable in my body. Her words showed me how intuitive I already was and how I didn’t need permission to make the changes I needed to get healthy again. Since then I have greater drive . I find myself leaping instead of tiptoeing around the issues that I’ve been too afraid to address, for years.

I would recommend Geneviève to all my friends simply because she is  The Real Deal. She is not only incredibly connected but also incredibly human where you’ll find her wearing her heart on her sleeve. In my book, that is the perfect package.

Jeanette D.