I am truly grateful for my session with Genevieve Kenneally. It’s an incredible privilege to work with a healer with such a strong ethic for integrity and honesty. In addition she brings a powerful energy to the healing that allows one to immediately receive the energetic exchange from her work. I was really surprised by what was coming out my mouth and happening during the session. I couldn’t believe the level of truth that was coming from my mouth. She is able to find the truth in your soul and bring it forth. This is priceless gift. She is a keen advocate of truth.  She is an incredible ally of  intuition against the doubtful mind in the healing process.

I was struggling with self-worth issues and feeling safe as I had recently accepted my gifts as intuitive. I had created a lot of patterns of rejection in my life, from people and situations. I was really faltering emotionally. I felt like I was loosing my ability to deal with life and be intuitive, it’s not an easy transition for some of us!  During my ONE SESSION, (yes wow) we were able to find the source and heal the rejection issue. I stepped into my power and it was a spirit saver for sure. I have now been able to burst forth in my spiritual development and career as a result of healing these patterns.

I was struggling with creating a following on Facebook for my business and within 48 hours of my session I had 130 members in my group. This is really unheard of for Facebook marketing and it was a result of the karmic healing we did together. This was and continues to be an incredible boost to my business and confidence.

The best part of my experience with Genevieve was that I was able to see  and accept myself as a powerful healer and intuitive. She pointed to my truth and didn’t look away. My healing with her  was a crucial starting point on my path as a healer and intuitive.

The healing I received with Genevieve made way for massive changes in my life. I was able to attract things at a much faster rate and keenly more aware of my power and intuitive abilities.

I recommend Genevieve to everyone I feel is able to handle the power she delivers. She hands out a lot of power, so be ready!  I have recommended and will continue to strongly recommend her to many friends and colleagues.

She remains a steadfast friend and ally to this day. If you are so blessed  for Genevieve Keneally to offer you a healing, take her up on it! It will change your life, forever!

Elizabeth Knudson