Parenting Mentoring

“When I first contacted Geneviève I was struggling with my highly sensitive 4 year old daughter. I had tried fixing her diet, working on relaxation, and positive parenting approaches. But, we both were still angry and frustrated. I felt incredible guilt for getting so angry with her and that I couldn’t help her. Until I finally contacted Geneviève.  Geneviève guided me to the root of our issues and lead me through powerful healing techniques for me and my family. She helped me realise my own gifts and talents and how I can use them to help my daughter.




“Before I met Genevieve, I was struggling with severe depression and hints of bipolar symptoms from extreme over-thinking that eventually strayed me away from the best version of myself. In my experience, a session with Genevieve was like re-connecting with an old friend who was there to remind me of my true power.



I am truly grateful for my session with Genevieve Kenneally. It’s an incredible privilege to work with a healer with such a strong ethic for integrity and honesty. In addition she brings a powerful energy to the healing that allows one to immediately receive the energetic exchange from her work. I was really surprised by what was coming out my mouth and happening during the session. I couldn’t believe the level of truth that was coming from my mouth. She is able to find the truth in your soul and bring it forth. This is priceless gift. She is a keen advocate of truth.  She is an incredible ally of  intuition against the doubtful mind in the healing process.

Elizabeth Knudson



Before I met Geneviève, I struggled with uncertainty in my career. I knew the path that I wanted to take, but I never took the leap. Instead, I settled for the second best option & hoped for the best. When I started the mentoring sessions with Geneviève, I was at a point in my life when I knew that I needed a change, however, I was uncertain and fearful for the future.



Before I met Geneviève I struggled with certain addictive behaviors. I would flip flop from one decision to the other, leaving myself in sheer anxiety and confusion all day long. Meeting her was like meeting with a wise and ancient Elder. She was deeply rooted, authentic and resourceful.

Jeanette D.


“After the healing session with Genevieve, I finally found the courage and confidence to start looking for a job after being a stay-at-home mom for the past 13 years.

Elizabeth K.

Intuitive Reading & Mentoring

“I have experienced several psychic and medium readings over the past few years, but nothing that compared to my intuitive reading and mentoring sessions with Geneviève. Past readings were exactly that, just readings. During sessions with Geneviève , she empowers you to grow spiritually and trust and develop your own intuition. It is life changing!

Kelly & Julia (Mother & Daughter)


I was struggling with setting boundaries in my career and having a difficult time finding peace for being compensated for my time. Genevieve helped me to see that setting boundaries is not only healthy, but essential for growth in my career, keeping life in balance, and most importantly by setting healthy boundaries I will be able to help individuals even more which is my ultimate goal.


Andrew. C, Naturopathic Doctor


“Genevieve supported me during my awakening from a place of kindness and love. A very wise and nurturing teacher – her guidance was fundamental in laying the groundwork for my spiritual development. I am immensely grateful for her presence in my life.”

C. Zhu


“I’d highly recommend Gen as both teacher and counsellor! Gen stoked my interest in perusing tantric yoga. She introduced me to the techniques, and importantly guided me in a manner that allowed me to feel safe and supported.Perhaps most importantly Gen shared her experiences with me. (more…)

Julien T.