Tantra Meditation

untitled design (1)What is Tantra?

Tantra helps you reconnect with your subtle energy body, and reclaim your sexual power. The techniques, both individual and partner techniques, help you expand your consciousness, transform your life, and heal your body and mind.

I teach Tantra for individuals and partners. I create programs focused on breath-work, meditations, and sensual movement and touch for individuals and partners. These skills and tools support the healing and transformation of your unique energy system, and your unique partnership.

What are the benefits of Tantra?

If you want to reconnect with your body, awaken your intuition, heal your life, or experience profound transformation, then Tantra is for you.

Tantra can help you:

  • remove energy blocks from your body
  • awaken your intuition
  • ease chronic pain
  • increase/decrease your energy
  • rebalance your energy
  • stabilize your highs and lows (anxiety and depression!)
  • reduce anxiety
  • clear the ‘heaviness’ of depression
  • increase your creativity
  • improve your health
  • resolve fear of intimacy
  • release sexual trauma
  • expand consciousness
  • balance masculine and feminine within yourself
  • balance masculine and feminine within your relationship
  • learn to self heal
  • realise your purpose
  • raise your consciousness
  • ground your spiritual awakening
  • balance masculine and feminine dynamic within your relationship
  • heal your relationship with self and partner
  • deepen intimacy and connection with self and partner
  • increase sexual pleasure


I want to learn Tantra! How do I do this?