Intuitive Healing

untitled design (2)What is Intuitive Healing?

Intuitive Healing is fairly basic.

I listen to what I sense in you, and we go from there.

In my mind, I see an outline of someone’s body.

Then, different parts of the body light up with words, colours, shades, shapes, images or pictures. These visuals provide information about what patterns, memories, thoughts, people, or situations are blocking you from success, love, wealth, health or happiness.

This is commonly known as an ‘intuitive reading’, or reading someone’s energy field.

However, my readings are not your typical reading. It’s important you know what I do not do:

  • I do not do fortune telling.
  • I will not tell you anything about your future.
  • I do not do mediumship readings
  • I do not do tarot readings
  • I do not play psychic guessing games.

I am very serious about really deeply listening to who you truly are, and who you truly want to become. I simply listen to your energy, ask questions which assist in the expansion of your passion, and provide guidance, support and tools to assist your true self coming into reality.

What are the benefits of an Intuitive Healing?

Intuitives readings get to the core of a problem quickly.

I see:

  • what is blocking you from having a successful
  • what is blocking you from sexual pleasure
  • what is blocking you from abundance/wealth
  • what is blocking you from good relationships
  • what is blocking you from success
  • what is blocking you from healing from chronic illness

Together we then locate practical ways you can heal, transform, or change that which is blocking you from pleasure, abundance, success, health or happiness.

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