Distance Healing

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After encouragement from clients and friends, I’ve created something new:

As many of you know, I have the ability to relieve someone’s pain, and assist them in healing from their chronic physical ailments. Many people call this Reiki, however the best way for me to describe what I do it is healing.

I have helped many individuals resolve chronic pain, and chronic fatigue, through both energy healing work, and my coaching and mentoring.

Some individuals resonate with the pure energy work. After receiving requests for this energy healing, I decided to offer distance healing sessions. My hope is this provides accessible energy healing for those experiencing physical pain, or unmanageable emotional distress.

You can book however many sessions you wish. Please note I am discerning and extremely direct in my work. If I feel you might benefit from other forms of inner work, or various supports, I will put this in the follow up email post healing session. I do not believe one method works for everyone, but I do believe we can all find the healing path that is right for us.

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing these session, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this website, and all products and services sold on this website. Genevieve does not provide medical diagnosis, legal advice, psychological diagnosis or psychiatric prescription or diagnosis.


How much are the sessions and what do I receive?

The distance healing is 30 mins for $50.00 USD. This includes distance healing and one follow up email from Genevieve. This does not include a 1:1 session time, or conversation. There are no refunds for missed sessions. You can reschedule 24 hours prior to your session.

PLEASE NOTE: By special referral from people I know (doctors, physicians, nurses, healers, friends, and colleagues), I do take on pro bono energy healing work for clients with long term and high intensity physical pain, and extensive debt from living expenses and medical bills. This structure of this healing is designed by having a conversation with the individual referring the client, and client.  If you can afford the healing, the pro bono work is not for you. 

SIGN UP for your session

To sign up for Distance Healing, please complete the following 3 steps.

  1. Schedule your Session via Calendly by CLICKING HERE.

  2. Fill out this contact form:


3. Pay for your session:


Distance Healing – 30 mins

Distance healing for mind, body and spirit.



In order to receive a distance healing session with me, all 3 steps must be complete.

My wish for us all is that we remember our inner power, and return to our own vitality.

Much Love,