Spiritual Coaching

I also provide a Transformational and Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring.

untitled design (3) Who Do You Coach?

I work with people who are going through transformation.

All of us go through transformation. It is a natural route on the pathway to becoming who we are.




Maybe you know in your gut it is time to quit your job, and you want to know how to do it smoothly, whilst also moving onto a better job.

Maybe you are leaving a relationship, and want to create a new life for yourself that is loving and healing.

Maybe you are entering a new relationship, and want to create a relationship that is strong and intimate.

Maybe you are moving into your own business, and want to ensure you have a stable income.

Maybe you are chronically ill, and want to create a lifestyle that works for you, and enables you to have a good quality life.

Maybe you are cultivating a spiritual awakening, experiencing a spiritual awakening, or attempting to integrate a spiritual awakening into your life.

I am here to Support you.

What is Transformational Coaching?

My goal is to ensure you get the most out your process of change, by giving you practical tools that improve, deepen and refine your relationship with yourself and others. I have a number of tools that I use, which you can read about in my About Me section.

Sometimes Transformation can be painful. I help you see the purpose and peace in pain.

Sometimes Transformation can catapult you into your truth and purpose. I help you to make choices and take practical steps that align with your truth and purpose.

What is Spiritual Coaching?

I coach individuals who are cultivating a spiritual awakening, experiencing a spiritual awakening, or attempting to integrate a spiritual awakening into their lives.

You can read about my own personal awakening story in my blog. What I teach comes from what I have experienced.

I will teach you how to…

  • …empower your intuition
  • …manage your psychic abilities
  • …open up to your psychic abilities
  • …create subtle energetic boundaries
  • …use your spiritual skills to become powerful and influential leader
  • …heal relationships
  • …integrate new sensory experiences into your everyday life
  • …ground and reconnect with your body
  • …incorporate new awareness of the world into your life
  • …find spiritual practises the work for you
  • …release yourself from attachments
  • …master etheric cleansing (this is important for all awakened individuals!)

Love is the guiding force in all I do. Part of that is offering my honesty to those I work with and encouraging the same in return. This creates a more powerful dynamic.

What will I experience?

A major element of the work we do in these session is about harnessing your inner knowing, your inner wisdom, strengthening your intuition, such that you can make a transformation that enables you to be you.

Is it 1:1 Coaching or In Groups?

Both. To find out what suits your needs, simply apply for a 15 minute call below:  

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