Your Intuitive Gifts

Many people ask me, “Gen, what is my intuitive gift?”. This small article might help you discover what intuitive gift(s) you have.

Before I start I want to say this. They are not gifts. Now, I know I am going against the grain here. They certainly are beautiful abilities, but they do not make you different or better than another human being.

The reason?

Well, we are all intuitive. All humans have the capacity for profound intuition.

It is built into our biology and our energy system. It is not an airy fairy concept. It is something we can activate in our lives and use it to heal ourselves and live purposeful, joy-filled and aligned lives.

It is a gift when we activate it, and use it from a loving space to serve humanity.

My hope is the article helps you clarify, identify, and more deeply accept the ‘gifts’ you already have within you!

Here goes:

1. Clear knowing (Claircogniscense) – This is when you just know something without knowing why or how you do.

For example, you are getting ready to meet a friend you haven’t seen in 5 years. You just know he/she needs to be cheered up so you pick up a bunch of flowers on the way. They have not said anything to you to indicate their unhappiness, but you just know. When you get there, you find out they’ve had a really hard week and really need some cheering up.

This is different from the other intuitive senses. Clear knowing is simply a pure knowing. There are no feelings, visuals or senses that activate this knowing. This is the most common form of intuition. We just have that gut feeling. That inner knowing we can’t explain. And sometimes, when we go against, we wish we hadn’t!

2. Clear seeing (Clairvoyance) – Now, I know the word ‘clairvoyance’ elicits images of Gypsies with crystal balls. I want you to throw that image out the door.

Clear seeing is far more common than we realise.

Clearing seeing is when you get a clear vision, or clear sight, of something before it has happened.When I was 26, I had a dream I was walking home up my driveway and saw an ambulance car in the neighbours house. The following day, when I walked home, there was an ambulance car in the neighbours driveway. I called my mother in tears: ‘Why does this keep happening?’ This gift can be burdensome and yet, beautiful.

Clairvoyance is also when you receive a clear vision on the truth of a situation. I get flashes of images when I am working with clients. They may say one sentence about a situation in their life and I receive a visual which provides more information.

98% of the time I do not say when I see things. It is unethical in most circumstances. I use this information to empower the other persons healing process. It enables me to walk more compassionately alongside someone during their own healing and spiritual expansion.

3. Clear sensing (Clair-sentience) – This is the second most common intuitive experience.

When you are clairsentient you can physically and emotionally feel, smell, taste, or see what another person feels, smells, tastes or sees. You can sense how they felt in the past, or how they might feel when a future event might happen (NB: we can never predict the future…)

Clairsentience is typically what Empaths experience. They are picking up on the feelings or those around them. This can be very debilitating for people if they do not know how to care for their energetic body. I am highly clairsentient, and boy do I have a lot to teach on this topic given what I have learned in my own experiences. I go deeper into this in my live workshops, 1:1 sessions and upcoming online program, The Empowered Empath.

4. Clair audience (clear hearing) – This is when you can clearing hear.

You may receive audible information on the state of someones health, or how to get out of an emergency situation. Many people who have this gift have ringing in the ears.

It is important, however, not to confuse clear hearing with schizophrenia. The difference is subtle, but important. If you have clear hearing, ensure that the voices which provide you information are loving, kind, clean, clear, supportive and obvious there for your greatest and highest good.

5. Mediumship – Mediums are people who walk between two worlds. They are the medium through which ‘the other side’ speaks to communicate messages to family or friends.

Mediums often receive messages through clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircogniscene. There is definitely more to say on this topic, but that is for another blog, or a private workshop!

There is so much more to write on each topic! More about discernment, self-care, using this skills to heal and amplify your life, and also ethics! I hope this blog gave you a little more insight into what gifts you might have!

And also, before I sign off:

There is a lot of stigma attached to being extra sensory.

It is far more common then you realise. Don’t let the stigma stop you from exploring what’s true for you.

Much Love,


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