You Can Choose

Before I start, I want you to know that I write to share my experiences with you in the hope it radiates out to your life and affects you in a positive way.

I have a million things to share with you when it comes to intuition, self development, self-care, meditation, and interpersonal connections.

The ideas bubble up so quickly that I am never sure where to start.

I often find myself getting stuck in the buzz.

The Buzz of Beginnings.

And, you know what, that’s what I am going to write about in this email:


When I think of Beginnings, I think of blankets and bed, and opening a new book…

…the bubbles of excitement in my chest.

…the slight anxiety that I might be wasting time reading.

…the impulse to read quicker than my eyes can manage.

A lot of beginnings are like this – you know – full of excitement, anxiety and impulses to rush the experience.

Committing to writing these weekly emails filled me with a lot of emotions.

 I am excited to share all that I’ve learned about healing, transformation, intuition, and self-care with friends I’ve met over the years.

I am anxious that something might go wrong.

I have the impulse to write all of the things NOW because LIFE IS SHORT and TIME IS RUNNING OUT and YOU ALL NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING NOW!

And then I take a deep breath!

 Pause for a moment.

Take a breath.

Join me.

I want you to stop whatever you are doing.

Whether you are eating whilst reading articles on your Iphone or computer…

Or if you are at work, typing out a document whilst reading this with one eye, dodging your boss like a ninja…

Or if you are on the phone with your Mother whilst cooking dinner for your partner whilst feeding the dog with your foot…

I want you to stop.

Find a space inside yourself for 30 seconds.

I want you to really feel into something:

The breath you are about to take is a breath you have not taken before.

You’ve not breathed the combination of atoms and molecules before.

You’ve not experienced the coming breath, the coming movement before.

This New Breath is a New Beginning.

I want you to feel into that awareness as you take a very long and deep breath.

Right… take a long depth breath.


Do it now.

Yes. Now.

No… you can’t keep reading. You need to stop…. And breathe now….

Did you do it?

How did it feel?



Allow the experience to move through you.

Write your reflection down,

or simply sit with it for a few minutes before you continue reading.

Here is my reflection:

Each new beginning, each new breath, brings a surge of multiple feelings.

I react in one of two ways:

I step forward and connect with others, or,

I step back and retreat into myself

And you know what? Each reaction is perfect.

Because each reaction includes an invitation.

An invitation, and a reminder, that you can connect with others, or retreat to connect with yourself at any point.

The connection to others will happen when you are ready.

The retreat will happen when you are ready.

And when things are beginning, it’s important to know that you can choose.

You. Can. Choose.

In this moment,

a moment never experienced before,

never to be experienced again,

You Can Choose.

With this knowledge, how will you spend your day?

This day, this breath, is Yours.

How will you spend it?

I hope you carry this throughout your day, wherever you are in the world.

If you’d like to share your experience or reflections, you are welcome to share on my facebook page, or on my website, and post underneath the blog.

You Are More Powerful Than You Know.


One thought on “You Can Choose

  1. kim tallcouch says:

    Thank You! When I followed your steps and took the time to breathe, it was at a point when I was pretty frustrated with “things”. Breathing in the new breath pushed my “reset” button and allowed me to shift my focus and move on from all that was not allowing me to just be. 🙂

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