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Parenting Mentoring

“When I first contacted Geneviève I was struggling with my highly sensitive 4 year old daughter. I had tried fixing her diet, working on relaxation, and positive parenting approaches. But, we both were still angry and frustrated. I felt incredible guilt for getting so angry with her and that I couldn’t help her. Until I finally contacted Geneviève.  Geneviève guided me to the root of our issues and lead me through powerful healing techniques for me and my family. She helped me realise my own gifts and talents and how I can use them to help my daughter.




“Before I met Genevieve, I was struggling with severe depression and hints of bipolar symptoms from extreme over-thinking that eventually strayed me away from the best version of myself. In my experience, a session with Genevieve was like re-connecting with an old friend who was there to remind me of my true power.